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100% Kona Coffee

We sell only 100% Kona Coffee sourced from the 'Apapane Coffee Farm. Our coffee is available wholesale as parchment or green coffee. A portion of every harvest is sold as ripe cherries to local producers who mill and roast. 

Typica variety of arabica coffee

Kona Typica Cherries

The Typica variety of arabica coffee grown in Kona was brought to the island long ago from Guatemala and proved to be ideally adapted to the climate and soil conditions found in Kona. Thus it was adopted and became the most prevalent variety planted in Kona. All of the coffee we currently sell is Typica.

arabica tree

Wholesale coffee is the primary product of the 'Apapane Coffee Farm (pronounced ah-pah-PAH-ney). We offer parchment or green coffee in a variety of styles. We price for 25 to 100 pound sales. Contact us for information about our offering and pricing. 

Royal No. 5 roaster

Stay tuned for information about our retail plans for 2023 when we plan to add roasted coffee to our offering.

logo for coffee mug

T-Shirts and Mugs

Logo for coffee mug

100% Kona

Coming soon. C'mon, we heard you! We'll have our mugs and t-shirts available for sale soon. 

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