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Product Development

All coffee we sell from the 'Apapane Coffee Farm (pronounced ah-pah-PAH-ney) is currently 100% Kona Typica coffee. However, we plan to add other varieties in time.

Typica on Liberica rootstock

New Plantings 2022

In early 2022, we planted 120 Typica seedlings with Liberica rootstock. These new trees average about 15 months of age. All of them are doing well. The benefit of this technique is that the Liberica rootstock is very hardy and resistant to soil nematodes. The cherries should begin to mature in 2023 and marry up well with the existing trees.

Geisha on Liberica rootstock

New Varieties

As 2022 progressed, we were fortunate to find and plant 60 trees of the Geisha variety of arabica coffee grafted on Liberica rootstock. This small planting will add cupping quality with resistance to nematode attacks. Stay tuned for more news on this addition as the trees mature!

Royal No. 5 roaster

Retail Sales

Our plans for 2023 include the introduction of roasted 100% Kona estate coffee. We will be spending the next year preparing and tasting a variety of styles.

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