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About 'Apapane Coffee Farm

Our farm is located high above Captain Cook village in the South Kona District. The peak of the Mauna Loa volcano is located to our southeast. The volcanic soil in which our trees grow is from ancient volcanic lava flows that have over time become soil, which we renew and sustain through the addition of organic vegetative matter. 

Our Farm

the farm in Captain Cook, Hawaii

We are full time residents at the 'Apapane Coffee Farm (it's pronounced ah-pah-PAH-ney). The farm is located at 2000 feet of elevation and gets rain most afternoons from March through October. The afternoon clouds simulate the shade-grown conditions that are ideal for the growth of quality coffee. 

future plans

We plan to add retail sales of our 100% Kona roasted estate coffee in 2023. Following the 2022 harvest season, we plan to test roast a variety of coffee styles for sale in the following year. Stay tuned!


coffee trees flowering

We strive to adopt the most sustainable practices in agricultural husbandry. We believe that measured fertilization can be used to complement the natural soil enrichment practices of mulching organic matter throughout the farm. 

Contributing to the Community

'Apapane on 'ohi'a tree

Our farm is named after the iconic 'Apapane (pronounced ah-pah-PAH-ney), one of the indigenous Hawaiian honeycreepers that are native to the islands. A portion of the profits from the farm are donated to the restoration of forest habitat for these beautiful birds.

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