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'Apapane Coffee Farm Awarded 8th Best Kona Coffee

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

In the annual blind tasting at the 2022 Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, our traditional washed Typica was awarded the 8th best coffee cupped in the Classic Division and 2nd of the conventional parchment dried (washed) Typica, cupping at 85.35. The competition is open to all 100% Kona Coffee farms on the island. We are extremely grateful for everyone who assisted us in farming and milling our green coffee but especially our farm manager Jean Orlowski and his crew and super-employee Kat Keith who have been with us for all of 2022.

The tasting notes of the cupping team highlight "notes of almond, butter, caramel, apple, brown spice, and a hint floral." Congrats, team on winning this prestigious award!

The full 2022 Cupping Competition awards may be seen on the KCCF website and at:

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