Kona Typica coffee trees

100% Kona  
Hawaiian Single Estate


Grown at 2000 feet of elevation on the slopes of Mauna Loa volcano our estate grown coffee is 100% Kona coffee. Our trees are the Kona Typica variety of arabica coffee. We invite you to sample our coffees available for wholesale distribution. 

green coffee ripening on the tree
ripe coffee cherries
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coffee farm

Our arabica typica trees have been planted on the 'Apapane Coffee Farm (pronounced ah-pah-PAH-ney) in stages over the past 50 years. We in-fill with young trees periodically to maintain the production of the farm. Thus, our youngest trees were planted in early 2022. Due to the elevation and the care of the volcanic soil, our cherries generally are large. We strive to maintain soil health and maintain the health of the trees in an environmentally responsible way to preserve the farm long term.

Award Winning!

November 2022


'Apapane Coffee Farm was awarded a top 10 rating at the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival's annual cupping competition, open to all Kona coffee farms on the island, cupping at 85.35. We are grateful to our farm manager Jean...

honey bees on coffee flowers

Kona Snow

May 2022


Owing to the ample rainfall this Spring, we had a second large flowering after mid-May. Arabica typica trees are self-pollinating. The beautiful flowers, known as "Kona Snow," attract insects, most noticeably honey bees.